Bats are an essential component of our ecosystem and are beneficial to people. As insectivores, bats feed heavily on moths, flies and mosquitoes and consume forest and farm pests. A single little brown bat can eat up to 600 mosquitoes in one hour.

To eradicate or physically remove bats from your building is not a realistic long-term solution. Removing bats today will not prevent bats in the future from using the build to roost - unless all entry points are firmly sealed or have one-way doors installed. More importantly, two bat species that regularly roost in buildings are federally endangered and should not be disturbed. It's essential to avoid sealing in flightless bat pups so do not seal and block entrances where they roost in June or July.

At PROTEC, we can install and monitor bat control in your building using one-way-exit-doors to help protect your property and simultaneously protect and our Alberta wildlife.

Learn more about Bats and how to deal with the protected species in Alberta.

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