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Have spiders taken over your home or business? Protec Pest Control Services guarantees fast, affordable, and permanent spider removal in Red Deer and Central Alberta.

Spiders crawling across the walls and weaving webs in every crevice would unnerve anyone. Though more a nuisance than a threat, a spider infestation is something that should be taken seriously. Because of their diet, a spider infestation often means there are other pests present in your home or business that also need to be dealt with.

Poisonous species of spiders do not naturally occur in Canada. However, spiders often consume disease-carrying insects. Because of what they eat, spider bites can cause health problems.

Where do you look if you suspect you have a spider infestation?

The first sign of spiders is usually a mass of webbing outside. Look in hedges, bushes and sheds. Webs can hold egg sacs where hundreds of spiders may hatch. Spiders are often found in warm, dark and small spaces. They may be seen crawling out of cracks in the wall, air vents or the eaves of your business or home.

What is the best solution to remove ants from your property?

Though more a pest than a threat it is always best to enlist the help of professional pest controls services. Professional spider removal is the only way to guarantee that your spider problem is gone for good. Because spiders are often attracted to the same places their prey are, it is important for us to also look for the underlying cause of your spider infestation.

At Protec Pest Control Services, we understand how unsettling it can be to have spiders crawling about. It can even affect your business and your family. We make sure to take swift and effective action to eliminate spiders and other pests from your property with minimal interruptions. Protec Pest Control Services wants to provide you with the peace of mind that your spiders are gone for good.

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